Our Associates

Collaboratives.co.uk is commited to working in partnership with individuals and organisations that will complement the Core Team and bring a range of expertise that will support school improvement. All our associates will be known by schools and their work trusted and valued.

In addition to the associates listed below we also have a number of serving or recently retired Headteachers, from all phases of education, who we can engage for their specific skills and areas of expertise to meet the needs of schools.

Karen Ardley Associates

Mark Colley

Gill Goodswen

Mitu Komarnyckyj

Leadership Support for Schools

Diane Lightowler

Keith Massett

Mairi M. McLeod

Janet Pruchniewicz

David Raven-Hill

Brian Rossiter

Jacqueline Rothery

Pat Thompson

Thelma Walker

Tina Warden

Julie Williamson

Marian Wood

We are currently engaged in establishing further partnerships and our website will be updated accordingly.